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Who We Are

To understand Pew Pew People, you gotta start with a bit of military humor. Truly appreciating Pew Pew requires an invitation into the paradox of military culture and hierarchy, where "pew" is the sound made by small caliber weapons systems employed by the poor saps slogging around on the frontlines. These 'grunts' inhabit the unique position of being at the bottom of the proverbial heap while, at the same time, being revered by people with far more power or influence. 

Pew Pew is open to folks who want to be spiritual but also religious, it is an invitation into the rituals and traditions of Christian communities. After all, pews are found inside churches, and they remain unmoved despite all the sanctimonious ideology partisan sloganeering. You will notice pews on both sides of the aisle, because their job is to support the tired, huddled masses yearning to be free from polarizing binaries. 

Pew Pew is about the humble, hardy folk caught in the crosshairs of God and country. For People of the Pew, there is neither soldier nor civilian, neither enlisted nor officer, nor is there operator or POG. The distinct feature of Pew Pew People is that we don’t grasp at godlike status, even though they may aspire to be operators or ordained (or both). Perhaps most importantly, we are accustomed not to our own will, but rather the will of others being done, even to the point of death. Cuz that’s what love is about. 

Pew Pew HQ is an online rally point, a veteran owned and operated social enterprise that provides products and services promoting thoughtful conversation about living for God and country. All profits are reinvested into military communities by donating to veteran services organizations, because making a difference is more important than making a profit.