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Pew Pew HQ sells books online as Li'l Books of Piety

The name comes from the story of a Portuguese soldier from the 1500s, John Duarte Cidade, who fell on hard times while a foot soldier in the Holy Roman Empire. Returning to civilian life was hard on John, but he found meaning in selling what one biographer called "little books of piety."
Lil Books of Piety
John would eventually find himself called to help the infirm and he created many hospitals around Spain and Italy, including the largest pharmacy in the world, on the grounds of the Vatican. He founded a religious order, the Hospitallers, and was made the patron saint of booksellers. As a part of Pew Pew HQ, Li'l Books of Piety is a veteran-owned social enterprise that donates all profits to charity. 
John of God, patron saint of booksellers
Lil' Books of Piety is a member of the American Booksellers Association